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Key highlights of Solar Policy

  • Mandatory deployment of solar on Govt./Public institution
  • Concept of Virtual Net Metering.
  • Group Net Metering
  • Generation Based Incentive for 3 years
  • Building bylaws amendment for rooftop solar installations
  • Tax breaks, benefits and subsidies
  • Solar system upto 200 KWp are exempted from certification by Electrical inspector.
  • The policy promotes net metering for all solar plants above 1 kW based on the net metering regulations already issued by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission.
  • Read More
  • Contact Us to get an  Evaluation done by experts and Install  solar in  your Institution /  Home / Farm House /Apartment .


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Solar Panel, Solar Inverter and Battery Selection for Solar Home System

Solar Panel, Solar Inverter and Battery Selection for Solar Home System

How does solar electric generation work?
Solar panel takes the sun’s energy and solar Inverter converts it into DC battery power to charge your batteries. Solar panel is the battery charger that works anytime the sun is out.
How to calculate your solar system need?
If you are just trying to run lights, Ceiling Fans and TV with solar power, it is not too hard to determine the number of panels and batteries yourself.
Suppose you need solar power system to run 5 CFL lights, 3 Ceiling Fans and one TV.

First, we find out the wattage of each of them.

1 CFL = 25 watts.

1 Ceiling Fan = 70 watts.

1 TV  =  200 watts

(lcd 24 inch =120 watts)

So, the Total Power Required (Load) = (5 x 25 + 3 x 70 + 1 x 200)

= 535 watts

Battery required = ( Total Load x  No. of Hours) / 12V

It gives = 535(watts) x 5(hrs)/12 V = 223ah

Inverter required = Total Load / P.F(power factor)

Average P.F (power factor) = 0.8

So it gives = 535(watts) / 0.8 = 669 VA

As neither inverter is 100% effiecient, so you should go with 700 VA Solar Inverter.


Wiring Of Solar Panels

solar panel series


Need Solar panels?  Click here..

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Suryamitra Skill Development Programs (SSDP)

National Institue of Solar Energy (NISE) is conducting “Suryamitra” training program to provide skilled technicians for installation, commissioning, Operation & Maintenance in the field of solar technology.   The main objective of this program is to train the 10+2 passed, ITI/diploma holders/ as field technicians to execute National Solar Mission (NSM) programmes across the country.  These programs are being conducted in collaboration with State Nodal Agencies, at various locations across the country. Separately, NISE is also organizing Suryamitra program in its own campus, so as to set an example. See more at NISE

The duration of this skill development program is 600 hrs (approx 90 days). This is the residential program and it is free which includes boarding and lodging. Suryamitra Skill Development Programs are sponsored by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Govt. of India.



Main Features of SSDPs:

  • This is a free residential program where both lodging and boarding are free.
  • The program is available at various NSNE centres across the country.
  • The duration of the program is 600 hours / 90 days.
  • It is expected that after successfully completion of this course – students will have a strong opportunity for employment in solar energy sector.
  • The students will be trained in the installation, operation and maintenance of the solar system.
  • ITI and Diploma students are preferred in this program.

This program is also designed to prepare new entrepreneurs in the SE sector.




Required Qualification:

The candidates with the following qualifications are eligible; however preference will be given to the candidates as indicated below

Essential qualification: The candidate should be 10th pass and ITI in Electrician/Wireman/Electronics Mechanic/Fitter/ Sheet Metal not below 18 years.

 Persons with higher qualifications like degree in any discipline or higher are strictly not eligible.

Preferable Qualification: The candidates with Diploma in Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics branches will be preferred. Candidates with electrician certificate and experience shall also be preferred. During the selection of trainees, special emphasis to be given to the persons coming from rural background, unemployed youth, women, SC/ST candidates.

At the end of the course, proper assessment shall be made and certificates shall be issued. The successful candidates shall have vast opportunities for employment in the growing Solar Energy Power project’s installation, operation & maintenance in India and abroad. The Suryamitra Program is also designed to prepare the candidates to become new entrepreneurs in Solar Energy sector. 

How to Enrol:

The applicants have to contact their nearest Skill Development venues and register themselves there to avail this course.

The details of the venues can be found here.






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Solar Yachts

Solar Yachts

Solar Wave Yachts!

Solar yacht
Solar yacht

* Unlimited solar coverage at low speed and almost
all weather conditions – without fuel consumption
* Absolutely self-sufficient household, including cooking and cooling – without gas or
* Significantly lower fuel consumption at speeds höherern
in the hybrid mode
* Silent operation
* Minimum maintenance
* Lower purchase and maintenance costs

A Solar Wave allows you a completely new nature and water sports experience.
Without noise or fumes.
The only footprints you leave behind are in the sand …

This system is easier to maintain and more cost effective than any conventional fuel-dependent locomotion and energy – and it offers more luxury, independence and reliability.

Solar Wave Yachts has developed a system to reduce the runtimes of diesel engines and power consumption to nearly zero. This system is modular and scalable. Whether you want to make only the budget “gas-free”, want more comfort and autonomy at anchor in a bay, change their yacht on solar-electric propulsion or a mega yacht noise predominantly and want to make any emissions – we have the right solution for you!

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World Solar Challenge – now solar car racing!

World Solar Challenge

World Solar Challenge is essentially a design competition to honour the world’s most efficient electric car.

Solar cars are the most efficient electric vehicles. It all started in 1982 …

 Honour Roll

A mini race of solar cars is being held at AbuDhabi

Solar Car Racing

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Rural electrification – Misplaced Emphasis

Rural electrification

Sharing a link to an article on rural electrification in one of the most respected weeklies  Economic & Political Weekly .

Here the analysis says  that solar power should also be propagated in the urban market. So that there is surplus electricity for rural electrifictaion. Reason is the urban user has easier access to maintenance and repair of solar systems.

Link on site  –  Solar Energy for Rural Electricity in India