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Solar Yachts

Solar Yachts

Solar Wave Yachts!

Solar yacht
Solar yacht

* Unlimited solar coverage at low speed and almost
all weather conditions – without fuel consumption
* Absolutely self-sufficient household, including cooking and cooling – without gas or
* Significantly lower fuel consumption at speeds höherern
in the hybrid mode
* Silent operation
* Minimum maintenance
* Lower purchase and maintenance costs

A Solar Wave allows you a completely new nature and water sports experience.
Without noise or fumes.
The only footprints you leave behind are in the sand …

This system is easier to maintain and more cost effective than any conventional fuel-dependent locomotion and energy – and it offers more luxury, independence and reliability.

Solar Wave Yachts has developed a system to reduce the runtimes of diesel engines and power consumption to nearly zero. This system is modular and scalable. Whether you want to make only the budget “gas-free”, want more comfort and autonomy at anchor in a bay, change their yacht on solar-electric propulsion or a mega yacht noise predominantly and want to make any emissions – we have the right solution for you!

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