Sukam HF Solar Inverter 400W/12V


Sukam HF Solar Inverter 400W/12V

  • High efficiency and reliability.
  • Wall mounting option.
  • Pure Sine Wave output for sensitive appliances.
  • THD < 3% on non-leaner load.
  • Reverse battery protection.
  • Multiple information display panel.
  • Lightweight product to easy carry.
  • Over load short circuit protection.


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The first commercial market for photovoltaic has been the stand-alone systems. When energy supply via the grid of the electric utility is not possible, economic or desirable, PV systems can be installed economically as stand-alone systems. There is great potential for the implementation of stand-alone systems in developing countries, where large parts of the country often still remain without electricity supply. In a stand-alone system, the energy storage in the accumulators and the operation of numerous consumers is realized using direct current. This gives you an opportunity to define and have the desired backup depending upon your requirement by using batteries. Su-Kam provides a wide range of stand-alone inverters (100W to 2000W) customized for any consumer requirement.The objective of a stand-alone inverter is to support a variety of consumers/loads. These range from various types of industrial machines, domestic appliances to sensitive electronic devices in communications etc.

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