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Our Solar Power Journey

Small Power stationsJust read today in a daily news paper that our Prime minister has raised the target for solar electric capacity from 20,000 MW to 100,000 MW by 2022 at a cost of about $100 billion . My my how times have changed! I remember around 25 yrs back when my parents bought our first solar cooker, it was a big enigma for us.solar_cooker The terrace was cleaned and the cooker placed in the middle under full sunlight. My mom put a small swastik on it. The whole family stood around it and the ladies looked at it as if it was manna from heaven which would end all their cooking woes. The dal chawal cooked in the cooker tasted like prasad and was distributed to all family members and visitors. Look where we are now! Visit our site and see the products for yourself. Solar lamps, Solar Power Stations, Solar pumps, Solar street lights to name a few. We could never have beleived this was possible and also so easily accessible in our country as well.Thank God the sun shines equally brightly on all countries devoloped, developing or under devoloped. I firmly beleive that sky is the limit for inventions so far as solar power is concerned.
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