Su-kam Solar Charge Controller 12v-24v-48v/10A-15A SMD (with RS232, Plastic body)


Su-kam Solar Charge Controller 12v-24v-48v/10A-15A SMD (with RS232, Plastic body)

  • – Maximum Power Point tracker (MPPT) based design
  • – Voltage and current regulation
  • – PWM control
  • – Current compensated load disconnection
  • – Automatic load reconnection
  • – Temperature compensation for charging
  • – Monthly maintenance charge
  • 2 years Warranty.
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Su-Kam’s Solar Charger Controller is a system with advanced Technology. The term “charge controller” refers either to a stand-alone device or a control circuitry integrated within a battery pack, battery-powered solar device or a battery recharger.

This photovoltaic charge controller is the key component in off-grid or stand-alone solar power generation systems. It can track the power point and transfer energy to various types of batteries. The build-in microprocessor enables the Solar Charge Controller to increase the energy transfer efficiency compared to traditional charge controllers. Easy installation with parallel connection capability makes Su-Kam Solar Charger Controller the perfect solution for your home as well as any large solar system application.

Su-Kam’s Solar Charger Controller also regulates the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from batteries. It prevents overcharging, over and variable voltage which if not controlled can reduce battery performance or life span and may pose a safety risk. It also prevents complete drainage (”deep discharge”) of a battery and facilitates controlled discharge thereby maintaining the battery’s longevity. Equipped with Micro controller technology Su-Kam’s Solar Charger Controller is fully protected against transient over voltage and reverse the current flow, and can charge any type of battery.

Brand=”Su-kam”Manufacture=”Su-kam Power Systems Limited” Model=”SSCC-10-15A”


  •          Solar portable light
  •          Solar Home systems
  •          Roof top solar solutions


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