Solar Street Light LED 12W- 1200 Lumens


Solar Street Light LED 12W- 1200 Lumens

  • 12 Watt solar street light and 1200 Lumens.
  • Comes with 25W-18V high efficiency solar panel.
  • This solar street light also comes with LiFePov 12.8V -12000mah battery.
  • Lumen output is impressive with around 110 lm/watt and a LED life of around 50000 Hrs.
  • Life Time Of Solar Panel Is 25 Years and Battery is 5 Years.
  • 100% illumination for 5 hours, 75% for 4 hours and 35% for 3 hours .
  • 50% illumination when no human movement / motion detection and 100% illumination when human movement is detected.
  • LED Lamp with Ledchipbrand Samsung/Bridgelux/Philips .
  • Charging time is 8-10hrs and Viewing Angle is 120deg.


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12W Solar Street light the majority of Integrated Solar Street lights available today work on a “Motion Sensor” that turns
the light on and illuminates the area for a set period of time only and then turns off.
This could be a problem in areas where people require a continuous light for perhaps community or
street light applications.
Solar Universe AIO Solar Street lights have the latest Lithium battery technology and are designed specifically
to provide 6 hours of continuous illumination at 100% brightness, 4 hours of illumination at 75%
brightness and 3 hours of illumination at 30%.
This not only makes the street light energy efficient but also ensures the street light is illuminated at
all times and not just when it detects human movement.
Having said that, we can always add a motion sensor or combine the above two featuresbased on
the final use of your required lighting application.

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Applications of

Traditionally streetlights will be found in areas where complete grid independence is available or
required. Where AIO Solar light technology works best is where connecting to conventional public
grid an expensive proposition, and outside the planners budget. Our AIO Solar Streetlights are also
used by factories & warehouses due to their ease of use & maintenance.
Some of the common applications include;
City Use:

  • Common Paths
  • Laneways PrivateRoads,
  • Gatesand Entrances
  • Playgrounds
  • Courtyards
  • Security Premises (Motion sensor and added alert siren)
  • Outside
  • Storage Areas
  • Car-parking Areas,


Remote Area Use

  • Community halls and meeting places
  • Remote Playing fields
  • Remote Footpath
  • Lighting Working area’s
  • Security Lighting for community owned equipment
  • Private purchases for their own dwellings



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