Solar Lantern LED with Dimming and Mobile Charger Green Madhuri MSLDM001


Solar Lantern LED with Dimming and Mobile Charger Green Madhuri MSLDM001

  • Solar LED Lantern consists of Luminary with 3 intensity dimming 5w.
  • Madhuri Solar LED Lantern comes with a solar panel.
  • It comes with a Multipin Mobile Charger.
  • Solar Panel with 15feet cable and 3W Battery 6V-4.5Ah.
  • Full charged condition gives back up of 12 hours.
  • With overvoltage and under voltage protections.

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Madhuri solar LED Lantern comes with a solar panel , no need to worry about electricty for charging .It uses highly reliable michrochip technology. As it uses LED consume less power, high brightless, more lumen per watt and long life span 50000 Hrs. Battery is rechargable type,can be charged by using solar. Uses single switch.And product can be hanged from both top as well as bottom side.3 modes of operation i.e High,Medium and Low.At fully charged condition it gives back up of 48hours,24 hours and 12hours for low,medium and high intensities respectively.And overvoltage and under voltage protections as well as indications for battery charging,cut off are provided.Ideal For homes,hawkers students.If You are thinking to what to gift a child? then give them a hope by gifting a lantern.

Brand=”Madhuri” Manufacture=”Madhuri Solar” Model=”MSLDM001″ Price=”Rs 1840″

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