Navitas Solar Panel Solar PV Module 305Watt


Navitas Solar PV Module

  • All navitas solar modules come with 25 year  power output warranty
  • Navitas soalr panels are Ideal for Rooftop installation
  • Can perform well in low light conditions
  • The modules are IEC & ISO Certified

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Navitas Solar Panels Solar PV Module. Navitas modules pass through 100% Electroluminescence test, pre and post lamination, which ensures that the modules manufactured are micro crack free.

Brand=”Navitas Solar” Manufacture =”Navitas Solar”

Positive Power Tolerance   Up to 4.99W
Excellent Module Efficiency   Up to 16.25%
Products Warranty 10 Years
Performance Warranty   25 Years
Resistant   PID Resistant 100%
El Tested  Pre & Post Lamination



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