V-Guard Solar Water Heater 150 LPD


V-Guard Solar Water Heater 150 LPD

  • 150LPD Solar Water Heater has inner tank of SS 304L(low carbon content).
  • Total No. of Tubes  are 15
  • Horizontal Tank Orientation and Galvanized Iron(poder coated) Outer Cladding.
  • With Hard water applications of Max. water hardness: 600ppm & Max. pressure: 1 bar.
  • High quality PUF insulation minimize heat loss of water inside the tank.
  • System performance warranty and Tank warranty are of 5 Years.
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V-Guard Solar Water Heater 150 LPD.This Solar Water Heater has inner tank of SS 304L(low carbon content).V-Guard Solar Water Heater 150 LPD has Horizontal Tank Orientation and Outer Cladding is Galvanized Iron (poder coated) with High quality PUF Tank Insulation . This solar water heater has Hard water applications Max. water hardness:600ppm and maximum pressure is 1 bar.

Brand=”V-Guard” Manufacture =”V-Guard” Model=”V-G 150LPD”

V-Guard Solar Water Heater 150 LPD Specifications:

Brand V-Guard
Type of Collector Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC)
Tank capacity (litres) 150
Type of Application Hard water
Maximum water hardness Upto 200ppm
Maximum pressure rating Upto 1 bar (Atmospheric)
Approx. Floor Area required (NS * EW) 2.2m * 2.0m
Est. Carbon savings Offsets 3 tonnes of CO2/yr
Est. Electricity savings Elec. bill savings: 3000 units/yr

Tank Specifications:


Inner tank SS 304L (low carbon content)
Outer cladding Galvanized Iron (powder coated)
Tank orientation Horizontal
Tube fixing with tank Direct Coupling
Tank insulation High quality PUF insulation
Tank protection Sacrificial Anode (Magnesium)
Electrical back-up heater Optional (2KW, with thermostat control) at extra cost
Supporting structure Mild Steel (powder coated)

Warranty Details:


System performance warranty (years) 5
Tank warranty (years) 5
Electrical heater (if provided) (years) No warranty
Warranty Inclusions/Exclusions The warranty excludes consumables (sacrificial anode, hose pipe) and tube breakage
Warranty Type On-site warranty by Manufacturer
Recommended Use water softener is you get hard water at your location


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