Copper Bonded Earth Rods CBR- 17.2 mm dia 3 Mtrs JMV LPS Limited

Copper Bonded Earth Rods CBR- 17.2 mm dia 3 Mtrs JMV LPS Limited

  • Long-lasting & free of maintenance hazards copper coated rods.
  • Unique manufacturing process ensures uniform coating thickness.
  • Easy to install and is unbreakable.
  • Corrosion free while providing the lowest resistance to ground.
  • Very economical to use.


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Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing CBR-1403, 3 mtr  length, 14.2 mm dia made of  steel circular rods, molecularly bonded copper 250 micron on outer surface having terminals to connect conductor. The electrod will be surrounded with 25 Kgs  of  environment freindly backfill compound duly certified by ROHS as safe for environment. JMV Copper Bonded Earth Rods are made from high tensile low carbon steel and each rod is molecularly bonded with 99.9% pure electrolytic copper on the low carbon steel rods in accordance with international standard such as UL. Our earth rods are meant to give high protection against corrosion and electrochemical reaction when buried in the ground. Our Copper Bonded Rods for earthing are available in different shapes like one end pointed and the other end threaded for extend, one end is pointed and the other end un-threaded, two end thread and one end pointed. These shapes can be made available in customized sizes length and copper thickness apart standard model.For deep driving to depths necessary to obtain good conducting level for uniform low-resistance grounds. The features are same as of Copper Bonded Rods or Copper Plated Rods for earthing. Cold-rolled threads at each end for joining the various lengths of rods together with couplings. Cold-rolled threads which are stronger than cut threads, provide the added strength of continuous, unbroken grain flows. JMV LPS limited the manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Sectional Copper bonded earth Rods (Copper Clad Rods) having a minimum of copper thickness of 250 microns, which ensuring corrosion resistance.

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Copper Bonded Earth Rods CBR- 17.2 mm dia 3 Mtrs JMV LPS Limited Specifications

Nominal Dia. in inches Length in feet Packing Sub Bndls./Master Wt./100 pcs in Ibs
3/8″ 4 25/300 136
5 25/300 170
6 25/300 204
1/2″ 4 20/200 280
5 20/200 345
6 20/200 375
8 20/200 500
10 20/200 625
5/8″ 4 10/100 355
5 10/100 440
6 10/100 530
8 10/100 705
10 10/100 880
3/4″ 8 5/50 1035
10 5/50 1290



  • Cost-effective : Being the manufacturer of copper bonded earth rods, JMV have full control over the quality, design and the prices of the products.
  • Customization : JMV customize all our grounding rods in the shortest possible time
  • Exceptional delivery time: Well-known for delivering our services in minimum feasible time
  • Serving across industries: JMV have catered to government departments, public sector units, multinational companies as well as large, medium and small industries
  • Using the right Technology: A unique amalgamation of the latest technologies along with effective engineering skills
  • The largest manufacturing unit: A production capacity of producing 3000 rods per day

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 300 × 1.72 × 300 cm


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