Goldi Green Solar Panel 250W/24V PV Module


Goldi Green Solar Panel 250W/24V PV Module

  • Excellent module conversion efficiency of up to 16.09%.
  • This 250 Watt Solar Panel comes under 60 Goldi series.
  • Certified for extreme weather conditions. (snow load 5400 Pa,wind load 2400 Pa).
  • Salt mist and ammonia corrosion resistant. (IEC 61701 & IEC 62716 certified).
  • Multiple times EL inspection (Pre & Post Lamination) to ensure micro crack – free modules
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Goldi Green Solar Panel 250W/24V PV Module

This Goldi Green Solar Panel comes in 250 Watt and 24 Volt Polycrystalline Module. This 250 Watt Module of Goldi Green Solar Panel is well suited to run single fan and few lights.This 250 Watt Solar Panel of Goldi Green is highly recommended to charge 24 Volt tubular Batteries.This 250 Watt Solar Panel comes under 60 Goldi series. Goldi Green Solar Panels are made from high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells. Cells of Goldi Green Solar Panels encapsulated in low iron, high transmission, toughened glass using UV stable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) sheets. Premium quality back sheet protect the module from environmental conditions. Laminate framed with strong anodized aluminum profile with multiple holes for ease of Installation. Fitted with suitable junction box, Cables and connectors. Fitted with bypass diodes to avoid shading effect. Brand=”Goldi Green”  Manufacture =”Goldi Green Technologies Pvt. Ltd.”  Model=”goldi250watt”


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